Dragonlance of Huma from SoS p168

Major artifact: +5 holy keen greater dragonlance

weapon (melee)

Benefits: The Dragonlance of Huma is a +5 holy keen greater dragonlance. In the hands of a non-lawful good creature, the Dragonlance of Huma functions only as a +4 holy greater dragonlance. , without any of its other characteristics.

When used against an evil true dragon, the Dragonlance of Huma deals an additional 2 points of permanent Constitution drain with every hit that causes damage. If the wielder scores a critical hit, the lance instead deals a number of points of permanent Constitution drain equal to 5 + wielder’s level + wielder’s Charisma modifier. The wielder of the Dragonlance of Huma automatically gains the benefits of the Mounted Combat feat when wielding the lance as it imparts the instincts to its wielder.

Once per day, the lance can cast dismissal as a 20th level spellcaster on any evil outsider wounded by the lance. This can also be used on divine entities and servitors.

The Dragonlance of Huma bestows two negative levels on any evil creature attempting to wield it. The negative levels remain as long as the weapon is in hand and disappear when the weapon is no longer wielded. The negative levels never result in actual level loss, but they cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells) while the weapon is wielded.


This unique dragonlance was the first ever forged, specifically created so that the knight Huma could face the Queen of Darkness and her dragon hordes. This is the weapon that Huma used to defeat Takhisis in the Age of Dreams, and the weapon the Heroes of the Heart used in a failed attempt to slay the red dragon overlord, Malystryx, in the Age of Mortals.

Clerics and mystics with the domains of Good or Evil, outsiders with the Good or Evil subtypes, and particularly dragons of any alignment can sense the presence of the Dragonlance of Huma in the hands of a proper wielder within a 10-ft. radius per HD, although it requires a Concentration check against DC 20 + wielder’s Charisma modifier for the creature to pinpoint its location. If the Dragonlance is not being wielded (i.e., it is put away or appropriately stored), then its aura becomes muted.

It is believed that the Dragonlance of Huma has other special qualities, such as the ability to appear in the dreams of those who are pure of heart to offer advice or visions, but such instances are rare and have never been verified.

Dragonlance of Huma from SoS p168

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