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Dragonlance Age of Mortal Campaign (Reboot)

A heroic Dragonlance adventure campaign that ranges across Ansalon. The world is still readjusting to the death of three Dragon Overlords and the return of the gods, leaving much of the world in confusion and chaos. In this chaotic time, the characters are embroiled in events that will shape the world to come. And it all began with a tiny, unassuming music box.

Character Rebuilds (@ 9th Level)

Each character may be completely rebuilt to fit into the Pathfinder ruleset. There are a few notable restrictions or rules you must follow.

Character Concept

Your character must of of similar concept when converting/rebuilding in Pathfinder. You may change up feats and some classes, but the overall theme must remain consistent with your old character concept.


If your starting Ability score modifiers (as they would be at 1st level and after race is applied) are less than a cumulative +7, you may reroll your Ability scores 1 time and take your original or the new set.

To re-roll your Ability scores do the following:

  • Roll 4d6
  • If any of the dice come up with a 1, you may reroll it one time
  • Discard the lowest die
  • Add the 3 top die together to make 1 stat
  • Repeat 5 more times to makea total of 6 stats, and you may place any of those numbers in any of the stats (using each number only once).

Starting Wealth and Gear

Starting wealth for each character is equal to 46,000 gold piece (GP) value. No one item may be worth more than 11,500 GP. You may keep any items that were found at no cost to your character, however if you sell them you do not get the gold for it (steel really).

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